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phr. To ejaculate a large or larger than normal quantity of semen, as a result of intense sexual stimulation and arousal. See also creampie, jizz, cum, bust a nut
"Wow, she was so HOT, she made me drop a load even before I touched her!"

"I didn't know he was gay until he dropped a load on my back in wrestling practice!"
by Dickie Tower June 19, 2008
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A word coined by playwright Sean Alan Morris, as a portmanteau of the words "Ignoramus" and "Cognescenti". Taken to mean a person who believes themselves to be terribly smart and over-educated, when in fact they are an ignorant fuck. Can refer to any of the supercilious and self-righteous douchenozzles that populate government bureaucratic institutions.
Anyone that calls themselves a "Creation Scientist" qualifies among an especially elite strata of ignoramescenti.
by Dickie Tower November 06, 2008
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