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A band from the 1970s from Athens, GA that has two girls and a gay guy as their singers whose best album was their debut album, although they're all good after a few listens. While later albums like "Cosmic Thing", "Bouncing off the Satellites" and "Good Stuff" kind of sucked, you can't deny that songs like "52 Girls", "Private Idaho", "Dance This Mess Around", "6060842", and "Planet Claire" were some of the best new wave tracks ever recorded.
"Hay d00d i sawr Teh B52z on Family guy lololol it wuz hullaryuss Peter wuz singin Rock Lobsta"

"The B-52's are the second best new wave band ever."

Oh, and this one's from when I wore my B-52s shirt:
*looks up and down at shirt* "OOH I LUV TEH LOVE SHACK!!!1111"
by DevoB52s September 16, 2009
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