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Popular punk band from Chicago from 1990-2002, featuring Joey Spatafora on lead vocals, Billy (People are Still Having Sex) LaTour, Emery Yost on bass, Scott Bahry, Bob Fesus and Judy Johnson. Spatafora recently wrote and stars in an upcoming indie cult film, "The Good Food Guy And The Doo Doo King", along with Bahry. LaTour wrote most of the original score for the film. The Squids greatest hits cd is called "4 Floors Of Whores" on Hot Dog Water Records. Known best for their hits "Bad Haircut" , "The Harmonica Song", and "Every Time She Calls My Name" otherwise known as "The Boner Song".
The Squids from Chicago are the original Squids, and all the other bands who say they are Squids, are really not.
by Deuce Loosly January 18, 2008

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