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An rs player known for his ability to get experience at a rate only rivalled by Gertjaars. Loves doing godwars, particularly Armadyl to the point that he has been recommended to visit AA (Armaholics Anonymous) to seek specialist help. Anyone wishing to get a peek at Randy Hekman would be suggested to camp at any Armadyl lootshare world, he is bound to turn up eventually.
They knew Randy Hekman was there when they heard the word "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllt" coming from the Armadyl room.
by Derventio July 06, 2009
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A Slovenian runescape player with a name roughly translated as 'pk god'. Famous for player killing around the Edgeville area, and particularly his videos of such events. Lokini2 has various other talents, including dancing also recorded on video, and the ability to buy and sell an ags at a rate quicker than most people can blink an eye. Anyone wishing to catch sight of Lokini2 would be wise to spend their time around Edgeville pvp worlds, but beware a sudden death upon his appearance.
I caught a glimpse of Lokini2, shortly before his ags sent me on a one way journey to Lumbridge!

I wish I could dance like that Lokini2, he has the moves maaan!
by Derventio July 18, 2009
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