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Dereck's are intelligent men who are honor bound to what they say. A Dereck you see on the street is not the Dereck you will see in a bar. He wears many faces. If you are a close friend of a Dereck you will know that they are someone you could rely on. Something to look for is the cockiness of this man, for he will over exaggerate his experiences, and make it seem like he is the best. Well ... thats because he is. Moral judgement and a strength of will is compensation for not going with his gut feeling on any givin situation. All around good guy but, lacks the ability to be social at any given time.
Jessica frowned with dissatisfaction at Karli, "I don't get it ... He a genuine nice guy when we are hanging out with each other one on one, but when he's with his friends ... it seems like he makes jokes just to get the laugh even if it's on me."
Karli nodded with understanding, for she has dealt with many Derecks before, "Sounds like a regular asshole to me."
by Dereck Kavalich August 27, 2008

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