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UnderFell is an Alternate Universe created by fans. The main idea of it is everyone is their cruel counterparts, and apparently only wear orange, black, and red.
by DepressingVoice16 March 27, 2016
One of the many ships of UnderTale, the couple being the skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus. Also could be known as PapySans.
Fontcest is lost in the sea of UnderTail.
by DepressingVoice16 March 27, 2016
An alternate universe of the game UnderTale containing almost everyone as lust filled monsters, and Mettaton EX as a shy talk show host.
UnderLust was created by nsfwshamecave on Tumblr.com
by DepressingVoice16 April 2, 2016