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An acronym that stands for Souvenirs, Wearables, And Gifts. Swag generally refers to such items that are given to attendees at a trade show, promotional event or awards ceremony, especially in the entertainment or music industry. Swag is generally provided by promoters (e.g., CDs or T-shirts that are given to media or industry representatives at a premiere or performance) or by manufacturers or retailers (e.g., cosmetics, fragrances, bags or accessories that are given to celebrity guests at an invitational event). In each case, the donors of such gifts hope to introduce their products to people in high-profile positions who may provide favorable buzz, endorsement, or publicity for the donors and their products.
Attendees were seen bearing gift bags full of swag from the various vendors, as they left the convention center.
by Denise Fisher January 26, 2008
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