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Love is having one person be your other half, and feeling lonely when they aren't around you, no matter how many other people you are with. Someone who truly completes you, and you feel incomplete when they aren't around you.

When you and your significant other are in love, you completely understand each other, and know every little thing about each other, yet always seem to have something to talk about.

Though talking isn't required either. There is no awkward silence, just listening to each other breathe on the phone is nice, just looking into each other eyes for long periods of time can say just as much as a conversation.

Love isn't just a romantic thing. It shouldn't all be serious. You and your partner should be able to have fun being weird and goofy together. Laughing is an important part of love.

Love means not pushing each other to do things that aren't wanted. It also means supporting each other in any decisions, unless they are harmful, no matter how weird they are. This doesn't mean you shouldn't say how you feel about it, though.

Love is trusting your lover, and being honest no matter what. If you kissed somebody else, or ripped their favorite shirt, tell them. If they truly love you, you will be forgiven.

Love is saying "I love you" while looking into someone's eyes, and truly meaning it, and them saying it back, and you can just feel that they mean it, too.

Love is amazing.
Love isn't definable.
Love cannot truly be described.
Love is love.
Girl: I love you.
Boy: I love you too.
<they kiss>
by Demon Fish Girl March 04, 2009
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