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1. An Australian substitute for the more crass equivalent, fuck.
2. An American substitute for the more correct, support or barrack.
3. Somewhat confusing for those moving between these countries
4. Found under trees, shrubs, bushes etc. Draws nutrients from the soil. Easily tripped over.
1. G'Day, d'wanna root?
2. I'll be rooting for you!!
3. American: I'll be rooting for you!!
Aussie: Fuck off I can do it myself, ya wanker
American: but I would want you to root for me
Aussie: Fucken sweet
4. Aussie: Have you tripped over any rocks lately?
American: no
Aussie: How about a root??
by Demi Wit October 16, 2006
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The red-light district of Venice
Dad: I met your Mother in Venice...
Son: (please don't say in the Root Canal!)
Dad: ..in an area called the Root Canal
Son: aaaahhhhhh faaarrrrrkkkk
by Demi Wit October 19, 2006
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