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Well where to start..... Msn is a gigantic piece of shit used by 12 year olds to talk to girls older than them, but only to find out they've been talkin dirty to a man fatter than santa himself and harrier than beaver. Most kids spend their time talking in c007 language which takes 987 secs for an avg person to decipher and decrypt but only one sec for this dick head l33t speakers who wanna take the time CAPATLIZING and unCAPITLIZNG every fucking word so it looks like aPoLlOs chariot at busch gardens. Its also a great way to ask girls out online (seeing as how if one of these faggets have the balls to talk to one) but are only to be shot down and rejected because their balls haven't dropped far enough to hit their thighs.
MiniDick 569: Yo U WaNnA g0 0uT 50m3T1m3?
rose: Wtf did you just type?


tinytim69: Hey u wanna talk dirty?
notaguy: Yeah... I unzip my pants revealing my one inch boner covered in smooth peanutbutter
tinytim69: FRO RRLY?
by DemHandz May 13, 2008

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