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To repay a small amount of money borrowed from a friend years after it was initially promised to be paid back. Payment methods include, but are not limited to: coupons, change found in the couch cushions, excuses, making the friend drive 30 miles to collect $5 and a buy one get one Steak and Shake coupon, asking you for part of a payment back for rent because of a miscalculation, etc...

Btw, David Couch, I'm still waiting on that last $100 of that loan, bitch! You couching out bastard!
David calls Ryan and promises that he has $75 to make as a payment on a $500 loan from Ryan. He asks Ryan to drive to the Junction (J2, an under-21 club). Ryan drives over eagerly expecting $75.
David: Hey...sorry I don't have all the money right now. We can go in and hang out for a bit. Also, here is $6.50 and a coupon for buy one get one free Now & Laters at Shell.
Ryan: What happened to the $75?
David: Sorry man. I had to make a payment on my girlfriend's fake titties. I had to make them TWO HANDFULS.

Ryan: I had a feeling you'd be couching out on me.
by DeezNuttsi May 16, 2011

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Named after Sandy Bryant, of Martinsville, IN, it involves pulling a 720 in a silver Z28 Camaro, watching the Green Mile, playing swimming pool volleyball, playing strip poker in a log cabin, and finally running a train on a girl named Sandy, ALL in the SAME night. Bonus points if you use the exact same girl.
Adam: What are we doing tonight man?

Ryan: I was thinking about pulling a Sandy tonight. Wanna join?

Adam: I don't think I can tonight. One of my other friends borrowed The Green Mile from me.
by DeezNuttsi May 16, 2011

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