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shoot with a gun. San Diego, California slang made famous by Mitchy Slick, a member of Xzibit's Strong Arm Steady rap group.

On Xzibit's Weapons of Mass Destruction album in the song entitled Klack, the chorus has Mitchy Slick saying Klack for the niggas that bang in the city. This means to shoot your enemy to get revenge for your friends that were shot by them.

this slang term originates from the sound made by the hammer of a handgun when it slams down propelling the bullet out of the gun. you can hear the sound better if the gun isnt loaded.

to get klacked on means to get shot by someone.

Besides Mitchy Slick, Damu (another SouthEast San Diego rapper, also a member of Mitchy SLick's underground rap group named Tha WrongKind) is the only rapper that uses this slang.

klacker = shooter
These examples are all from Mitchy Slick lyrics:

Getcha klack on! (Go shoot at the enemy!)

Heads, Knees,shoulders and elbows can get klacked off if you dont know the code in Daygo. (If you dont know gang ettiqette in San Diego, you can get your Head, Knees, and shoulders, and elbows shot off.)

Klack Klack Klack! (Next time I see you, you getting shot!)

He was a known rider, he inherited the Sickness every southeast Daygo nigga got inside him. Not AIDS but the whitechalk fever, when his get-back klack is needed, he's eager as a beaver.

(He was known for being a killer. The sickness runs in his family, not AIDS but the compulsive urge to kill. He's eager to kill for revenge when he has a chance.)

Get on a klack mission for four or five nights. (Shooting and killing your enemies every night for 4 or 5 nights in a row)

by Deekin Lakeio August 28, 2006
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gunshots, shootout (lots of bullets flying thru the air like drops of water in rainy weather)
He got rained on yesterday. (He got shot at yesterday; He got shot yesterday.) Let it rain! (Start shooting!)
by Deekin Lakeio August 28, 2006
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