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The study of consumer goods related to faggots. Fagonomics is becoming a larger topic as the number of fags increase and as they flaunt there gayness.
"Jimmy I have an idea to make us rich, I just learned it in my Fagonomics class. Lets go out to San Fransico and sell tight smily face t-shirts to all those professional butt dart players!"
by Dee Wig September 28, 2005

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n. a person who is different than most, a nerd, goth, or someone messed up in the head.
"Dude look at that fucking weird over there."
"What the hell is that weird looking at."

Jay: "Dude, look at that weird smelling your sister's hair!"
You: "Im gonna kill that freak."
by Dee Wig September 30, 2005

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