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A city inside the state of San Luis potosi, Mexico. A very nice city, with a population of around 2,500,000. Good places to visit: Puente de dios; beautiful waterfalls, and caves filled with hundreds of bats, the water is a bright turquoise, the locals are very nice too! Another place: Real De Catorce, an old town, which is believed by many, is haunted with spirits, it also has a giant tunnel that goes on for miles. Another place: Tacos el wedo, and Tacos el Min, which are both really good taco stands. You should also visit El centro de San Luis, or downtown San Luis potosi. I hope this helps a little, by the way, this city is nothing like Tijuana.
Guy 1: hey man, wanna go to Tijuana? Guy 2: Hell naw! Let's go to San Luis potosi, i don't wanna get beheaded and or shot down on the street in Tijuana!
by Deadmau5foEVA July 15, 2011
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