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1. Slang: An amount of currency comprised of 10, 10, 10, 20's and them 50's. The amount of USD which comprises 1 standard hunnit is known only to the rap artist Tyga, although scientist have run extensive amounts of simulations to calculate the exact value.

2. Slang: Any projectile object, typically referring to a projectile thrown in strip clubs or any object thrown and/or launched in Rack City.

3. Urban Legend: Starting as a regional inside joke and later confirmed to be true, hunnits are a style of sunglasses. It is not the price or brand of the glasses that make them hunnits, but rather their shape and tint that makes them hunnits. Originally, one high school boy at a Tyga concert found and kept sunglasses found from off of the ground, seemingly tossed from the stage. These glasses were confirmed to have been hurled from the stage by rap artist Tyga. Tyga later confirmed the rumors spiraling about hunnits, see the Rack City video for proof and examples of hunnits.
1. Guy: Damn son! How much them shoes cost you?

Tyga: A hunnit.

Guy: Come on man you can tell me, I'm not a booster or


Tyga: Alright, they costed 'bout two hunnit.

Guy: ........ Well, it don't matter how much those costed

you those are fly.

2. Father: You hear about that hunnit launch on the news?

Son: Yeah, I heard it'll be the first to bring human life

life and resources to Mars.

3. Mother: *covers son's eyes* Look away Johnny, there's

a naked homeless guy on the corner throwing

feces and garbage at everyone.

Johnny: He's not naked, he's wearing hunnits and

throwing hunnits.
by DazedDawg May 29, 2012

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