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A MEEP is a dull, waste of life type of person. It is someone who spends their time online in their parents' basement because they have no job or career goals. A MEEP still lives at home in their high shool bedroom (they have been know to collect Benjamins mailers and put them around their dresser mirror... much like 16 year olds would put the ticket stubs from High School football games), not for practical reasons like trying to save money, but because they are too pathetic and dependent on mommy and daddy to move out on their own. A MEEP is also one who sucks the fun out of their friend's (who tend to stick around purely out of pity until said MEEP is even too much of a jerk to feel sorry for) lives. They add nothing to a conversation besides awkward and embarassing comments (for example they might engage in an adult conversation about how their mother does their laundry or how they recently renewed their unemployment benefits), thereby humiliating the actual adults around them.
1. (Noun) Oh no! That meep is here!

2. (Verb) She's over their in the corner just meeping around.

3. (Adverb) Meepily walking across the room, she draws no attention to herself.

4. (Adjective) I can't stand that meepy bitch!

Please feel free to utilize the word MEEP in your daily conversations to describe such a person or behavior. Do you know a MEEP? I bet you do!
by Dawn & Kim December 31, 2005
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