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The term "Shukoff" derives from the old German/Slovic term for sexual deviant. The word dates back to 1560 from Old Germanic culture where the nobility would ravage peasant women with large breasts and/or large behinds. Because of the deviant nature of the Nobilty in the Western Bavarian region, named the 'Shukoff clan', the name became synonomous with sexual rape, aggression and overall misogynist male behavior. The term is relevant today in Bavarian and Eastern European slang culture, but has yet to transcend into Western Europe and the Americas. It has been coined in countless cinematic features of German cinema, most noteably in the 1994 German Award Winning feature "Schlitzkin". There German Film star Laers Uesterbraust opens with a monologue which ends in the quote; "Uen bren kein de austvitzcz scher Shukoff." Translated into English, the phrase means I am the biggest Shukoff that ever lived. The German masterpiece was an epic examination of womanizing and love after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
-That guys was such a "Shukoff." Did you see him eyeing us up and down when we walked into the party.

-Don't be such a "Shukoff," treat women with respect.

-If you don't watch yourself, you will become the campus "Shukoff"
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