1 definition by Dave Drodge

A self-centred e-mail, which talks in detail about your weekend, your relationships or how you are feeling etc, the contents of which are likely to be irrelevant to its recipients or are written purely as a form of self-therapy. Can be ambigiously friendly or malicious - within a close-knit group me-mails may be written to alleviate feelings of status envy in the sender or to attempt to invoke those feelings in its recipients.
Hi guys, had a FANTASTIC weekend. It's going SO well with me and John - I just can't get enough of him! Don't want to pour cold wataer on it but I think he's going to propose soon!! I know I'm so lucky to have met him, and he's so rich too. We went to the most amazing restaurant on Saturday and then he drove me all the way down the coast just for afternoon tea. How lucky am I?! Can't believe it's Monday already though - still, only a few more days till the weekend!! Can't wait!!!! Janet x
by Dave Drodge March 10, 2004
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