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The Burg aka that city. Capital of PA and capital of gangsters. Good weed, good crack, and good hoes, an all around great place. Home of Mayor Reed for the past Million years and refuge to all those who seek a piece of city life. Divided into mad districts, everyone's from somewhere else. The hill, the brook, High point and Edgemont are all neighborhoods whose own residents would have you believe that they are different cities. No disrespect homies, they keep it real.
(walking down street)
Person: Is that T.I. I hear in the background?
Thug:(With blunt in mouth) Yea, if you don't like it, LEAVE FO I UZI YO MU'FUCKIN HOUSE! DIS HARRISBURG! ya dig?
Person: (Dipset in a minitset)

*T.I., as well as other gangster rap, is frequently played as background music in the burg. Not by people, by God.
by Dat boi jake December 08, 2007
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