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A black person whose skin is lighter then brown. The skin tone of a light skinned person varies and they can be along what is referred to as a "Red Bone", a "High Yella", or a more caramel complextion.
"Hey you see that Light Skin, red bone, boy over there? He's the one that threw the bean pie at you."
by Dat Red Bone Gal January 15, 2009

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Most of my ex's! I can't help it, I love them!

Usually more butch but there are femmes who i think qualify as uberdykes. They love women and are sometimes very protective of women. They go out of their way to fix things, buy gifts, and spoil girls they have crushes on.

The difference between an uber dyke and a man:
A: A Vagina
B: They do nice things for women but most don't expect anything other then your friendship and a thank you in return. Unlike most guys who think they deserved your mortal soul just because they said you were pretty or something.
Girl one: Did you see red's new girlfriend?
Girl two: The Uberdyke with the boots and flannel?

(P.S. Most Uberdykes don't wear flannel anymore...at least not where I live...though I've heard stories of some other places...)
by Dat Red Bone Gal January 21, 2010

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