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1. A biter is a person who steals or uses (bit off) a part (piece)of one's over-all performance or style, and uses it as their own. Note: The biter in question mis-represents the original source of the material used.

2. A biter can also pertain to a person who consistently uses other peoples material in liue of their lacking orginality.
1. What a biter man, I made up that move.

2. Montel Jordan obviously bit off the sound-track for his song,"This is how we do it" from Slick Ricks,"Children's Story".
by Darryl Learie aka nine9nine9nine9 September 10, 2006
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London Bridges (noun.) 1. Panties. The use of this metaphor (london bridges) as an alternative for the word panties was introduced in 2006 by Fergie of Black-Eyed-Peas.

In her debut song, "London Bridges", Fergie makes the following context;

'How come every time you come around
My London London Bridge wanna go down'.

Abstractual concept - (Imagine how one's panties would slip of both legs evenly, they would form a bridge.)

2. Can also be a reference to implcating intercourse (depending on word usage) ie. "I want to get into her London Bridges".
"Look at the size of that girls booty, damm, I can't imagine a london bridge big enough to fit her"

"Why don't you drop the london bridges, so we can get busy?"

by Darryl Learie aka nine9nine9nine9 September 13, 2006
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rip it up (verb. rip) 1. A term which commands one to literally rip apart a piece of material.

2. A command or suggestion to rip apart one's material (performance or practiced routine).

3. A command or suggestion to a person to perform competitively to a much higher degree of skill above the current competition.

4. A command to set a new standard of excelence.

5. A suggestion to introduce a newly profound and exciting atmosphere in liue of boring, dull or un-lively circumstances.
"Damm, These people think this is dancing, yo, go in there and rip it up. Show them how it's done."

"You think you can do better? Let's see you rip it up."

"This music sucks, yo, tell that DJ to rip it up."
by Darryl Learie aka nine9nine9nine9 September 12, 2006
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1. Old School (sp. Ol Skool) is a term that originated sometime in the very early 1990's with the introduction of Hip-Hop (which was the dance anyone could do, originaly consisting of foot-work and had its roots in jazz-funk). Old School refers back to 1984 when break-dancing was at its prime,because so many moves had to be studied and practiced just as one would learn in school.

To "take some-one to school", meant to either teach and instruct them or show by greater example how a move should be properly executed.

Given the new popularity of Hip-Hop in the early 1990's, many of the younger generations only learned how to perform the Hip-Hop moves (those who only knew Hip-Hop were refered to as the New-School).

Note: Anything that took place within the 1990's is refered to as, "back in the day".

2. Old School, Originaly the term was first used to differentiate between Break-Dancing and Hip-Hop.

3. An era that is marked by the very first computer generation; those who had the first personal computers (which soley ran off basic language and consisted of no hard drive) like the CoCo, Commodore, Apple, Pong, etc. This era occured after the baby-boomers of 1945-1965.

Why can I not find some Old School B-Boy movies like,"Beat Street" or "Breakin'" ?

If you want to learn about true break-dancing, you should find some-one who dances Old School.
by Darryl Learie aka nine9nine9nine9 September 10, 2006
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