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(Noun / title) Any typical sad overweight white woman 35-55 years old, who imagines their past bits of minor glory as a former teen gymnast, taekwondo green belt or sold the most Girl Scout cookies one Spring once, outweigh having turned into a depressing sad, overweight cow. Often such women live their lives on social media or talking to strangers in the street, commenting on things they disapprove of, preaching unsolicited lessons.

(Also common: Fat Tina, Fat Jennifer, Fat Claire, etc.)
"I was hanging out at the mall when some Fat Karen came up to me and said I shouldn't be feeding my toddler McDonald's. She gonna try to make *ME* feel guilty, when she weighs 280 lbs because she was once a student athlete 3 decades ago?!"
by DarnellSaysBoo June 15, 2019
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