1 definition by DannyDeVolvo

A fairly new and quite trendy sexual fetish depicting females sitting on their birthday cakes. It's quite the logical combo of "wet and messy" with the food crush fetish. While it shares some similarities with cake fart fetishism, cake sitting does NOT necessarily involve passing of wind or a deliberate discharge of any other bodily fluids into said cake. In recent years it's become quite the fad in-vogue in Hollywood ith Christina Aguilera being the latest and most famous persona to cake-sit, porsing for "OUT" magazine.
Dan: Do you think Lady Gaga is into Wet and Messy stuff?

Jennifer: Dunno about it, Danny, but it seems to me she's next in a long line of sexy celebs to embrace this in vogue trend.
by DannyDeVolvo October 26, 2010