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What concerned parent's say as you walk out the door, either causing extreme annoyance or snide remarks. Then you have to go back inside and get a sweater, and if you don't it will most likely be the coldest day of the year.
Mother dearest: "Oh Danny, don't be ignorant and take a sweater."
Danny: "Ugh, you don't understand me."
Mom: "What you say?"
Danny: "Did i stutter?"
Mama: "Your grounded."
... Later on it starts snowing...
Danny: "Son of a bitch!"
by Danny-Dan aka Boss February 26, 2010

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A sweet, affectionate name to call your girl. The Snookymama is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. She's your only love and you don't care if people think that this pet name is the worst of them all, your going to have little ankle biters with your Snookymama.
Mel: "Hey Danny dearest husband."
Danny: "Hola mi amore Snookymama, te amo."

Ignorant face: "Who's that girl lovin up on Danny?"
Danny's Bushmama: "Are you stupid?! That's Danny's Snookymama."

"I absolutly LOVE my Snookymama."
by Danny-Dan aka Boss February 25, 2010

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Is usually a woman with alot of children. Although very loving creatures bushmama's can be very loud and spew out ignorant nonsense from their mouths. Bushmama is also another word to call your babies mama, or the mother of your god-child (A close friend or relative).
"Who's Lizz?"
"Oh, Lizz is my bushmama."
"Your her son Daniels god mother?"

"Melanie's my bushmama, were having twins in september."

"That bushmama is sooo loud"
"Yeah, but i would of loved to have had her as a mother; she's soooo sweet."
by Danny-Dan aka Boss February 24, 2010

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Another name for the person in charge. Alot like boss, president, the big guy, coach. But unlike boss, chief is much more looser. You can use chief to address almost anyone and it will make you look cool to the easily impressionable.
Executive: "Hey Chief, when do you want those papers?"

Greg: "Yo Danny, what's up?"
Danny: "Sup Chief, just chillin with my girl."
Greg: "You are SO cool!"
by Danny-Dan aka Boss February 25, 2010

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