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A word coined by the legendary MC Rich (Real name shall remain withheld), "Dykes Meh" has a countless amount of definitions, all of them primarily meaning "Thanks Man". Max always thought of it as how he would expect urban hoodlums to say "thanks".
An example in which Dykes Meh may be used:

High school football team comes into the locker room after demolishing the other team at the homecoming game. The star quarterback Lars, big, BIG, beefy, hairy ugly dude, buck teeth, patches of facial hair, unibrow, and a mullet. He's dripping with sweat, and he's got a towel on, he's so drenched that he needs another. "Ay coach, tro me a toul." he says with a slackjaw. The coach replies, "Sure Lars", and tosses him one. The camera focuses on Lars' face, steam everywhere it appears as a dream. He wipes his face, looks the coach square in the eye, and says "...Dykes, meh."
by Danny McBrown July 10, 2008

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Coined by the one and only MC Rich, Est. 2007. The definition of this wonderful phrase is pretty much whatever you want it to be. It can be a replacement word for a swear in a song, if perhaps you're singing a Dr. Dre tune whilst going for a drive with your Mother; it can be an exclaiming agreeing statement, much like saying "Hell Yeah", in a family friendly way; most of all it's just an exclamation, you say it when you're happy.
Joe: Check it out dude, I bought you a freakin' baby for your birthday!

Bob: Tyehoyeah!
by Danny McBrown July 10, 2008

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How a Desi person would pronounce "Weed".
Brown Dad: Arre Novair beta, you don't smoke veedz, okay?

Brown Son: Okay abboo.
by Danny McBrown July 10, 2008

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