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An awesome, up and coming blues/rock band, that is of Oshkosh, Wiscosin, that is unbelievably underrated, and doesnt get the recognition that they deserve. Headed by Scotty Meyer, who is an excellent soloist(guitarist), as well as singer. He writes and plays all the songs. He has some very catchy tunes, as well as some that are more obscure, that I love. His "forte"is blues and blues soloing, but he does a great job in his rock soloing. He plays in his own band, doing his originals, as well as playing in other bands, with talented musicians doing covers of popular songs.

I believe that someday he'll make it big, and he'll be a big name. I can say that I have had the privilage to play guitar with him.
Hey, did you see Scotty play last week? He was kicking ass in that solo to "Prison City Blooze".

Did you pick up Scotty's CD, "Pay The Price?"... If not, pick it man, you'll love it.

Check out the site on him, http://www.scottymeyerband.com/
by Danny Anderson June 06, 2005
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