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a bad reputation to have when trying to find a long lasting girlfriend or wife. even if the girl knows nothing of u somehow she meets someone u had a relationship with and ur fucked. being a player is very lonely.
potentialwife: i just met a really cool guy last nite
girl2: awwww...wats his name?
potentialwife: danny ****
girl2: man whore
potentialwife: u kno him?
girl2: hes a player and i was with him
random girl walking by: yea hes a man whore
potentialwife: u've been with him 2?
random girl walking by: yea

2 hours later...

girl: u man whore
me: that was weeks ago ive changed
girl: ppl don't change only the weather bye!!
me: damn, no wedding 4 me
by Danny **** July 22, 2007

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