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NOUN: A yellowish/greenish brown substance with the consistency of a chocolate milkshake which occurs when motor oil and engine coolant/antifreeze mix together. One may discover baby shit on one's dipstick after blowing a head gasket or wearing a hole in one's front cover. Termed because it resembles actually newborn baby fecal matter. May also be called a milkshake.
At first when I discovered the baby shit on my dipstick, I thought I blew my head gasket, but it turns out my timing chain bracket broke, over time allowing the timing chain to wear a hole in the front cover of my s13. I was angry and sad. I cried.
by Daniy August 13, 2007

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a) the sound a giraffe makes; b) sometimes used in place of the word giraffe
A) "Marg!" said the giraffe.

The giraffe marged excitedly when it saw the zoo keeper coming with a bundle of leaves.

B) Look at the beautiful marg over there; i bet it wants to be my friend.

A+B) The marging of the margs sounds magical.
by Daniy December 07, 2010

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