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A very great band, who's style ranges from rock to heavy/trash metal.

Anyone who hates them generally is a ''cool'' kid because he listens to Lil Wayne or Jonas Brothers and other shit like that.

People who want to look like they like Metallica will say they like 4 songs: Master Of Puppet, One, Enter Sandman and The Day That Never Comes (if they are even able to remember these names). They are just fucking posers. These song are good, true, but it's the only ones they know.

Peope who actually like Metallica will be able to name other songs than the 4 above, and they will be able to name some albums too.

People who think Metallica is the best band ever (like me) will be able to name you some (or all) of the band members (former and present), name which album X song is on, and have an opinion whether the older Metallica (Ride The Lightning, ...And Justice For All, Kill 'Em All, etc.), the mid Metallica (Load, ReLoad and Metallica (commonly called the ''Black Album)) or the newer Metallica (St. Anger and Death Magnetic) is the best.
''Cool'' kid: Metallica sucks balls Lil Wayne is da shiz.
Me: Dude, you can't compare Metallica and Lil Wayne, that's 2 different styles of music...
''Cool'' kid: YOUR MOM IS 2 DIFFERENT STYLES OF MUSIC! OOOOOOOOH!!! *all his friend cheer him*
Me: ...What?

Me: Dude Death Magnetic is Metallica's best album ever.
My friend: No way Kill 'Em All kicks ass!
My other friend: Guys, guys, guys... ReLoad is the best.
*all 3 of us start telling why our choice is best*
by DamHellraiser November 18, 2009
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