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A stoner is NOT a loser. Stoners are people who smoke pot and have FUN. People are saying stoners are losers and making this world a bad place. It's actually the poeple who don't like them, all they care about is looking "perfect" and having money but are they actually happy, because they have all these loser freinds and fancy cars but could be having more fun being high? Stoners can have fun playing with a napkin or looking at a picture all day so who cares about all that extra money. Maybe it is true how stoners lose brain cell but they gain wisdom in life in exchange. They have a better perspective on life and have more fun living it. They arent how people stereotype them as; a loser who smokes too much weed and gets too agressive. Actually stoners are happier and way more gentle than any other "normal" person in this world and wouldn't hurt a fly. A real stoner doese not go around talking about how much weed he smoked last night either and how "cool" he is. Wow good for you, you smoked a five dollar joint...your point? So basicly a real stoner is some one who smokes pot, doesnt brag about it, and enjoys life while they are doing it. Have you ever seen an un-happy/high person in your life? I haven't. So anyone who says we are losers you can go right to hell with your boring life. God put herb on earth for us to pick and smoke it.
"I'm definately happier than that stoner, I'm smart, have a good job, no freinds. Yup this is the life!"
by Dalton Ward June 27, 2006

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