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A really bad singer. Most of her songs are stupid and don't make sense, and very repetitive. Not to mention the fact that every radio station plays them over and over until they're burned into your brain!
"Shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive, drive"

"Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh!"

-Gawd, how many time's does she have to say eh?-

Stooopid Lyrics:
"Cos we both know where I'm about to go, and we know it very well!"

-And we know it very well? Could Rihanna not think of a single line to go there?!-
by Dainy May 31, 2008

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A group of artists who travel the world. In each hotel they stay in, they remove a painting on the wall and paint their own artwork behind it, then when they are finished they put the painting back on the wall so their own art work is unseen. Then, when the hotel room is redecorated, the picture is taken down and the people are shocked to find another person has painted a fabulous artwork behind it!

Other than this, little is known about the Secret Artist Society.
Person 1: I stayed in the hotel the other night and accidentally knocked a picture off the wall, and there was another painting on the wall behind it!

Person 2: It's time I let you in on a little secret... The Secret Artist Society!
by Dainy July 24, 2009

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o.O A lot of people think that n00bs are people who can spell and don't play much, but I think that a n00b is a really, REALLY annoying person who speaks in some unknown, fractured form of chatspeak and spams non-stop because they are total retards. =]
Normal Person: Hi
n00b: Hy dud u ce tart dewd hee gawt so ttly pwned en hee sux

((For those who couldn't understand my attempt at n00bs-speak (me being not a n00b and all) I have provided a translation))

n00b: Hi dude, you see that dude he got so totally owned and he sucks.
by Dainy May 31, 2008

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