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One fifth of British-Irish boy band One Direction. He auditioned for the UK show 'X Factor' twice, the second time around (2010) being placed in a group with four other guys, becoming One Direction and coming in third place. Known as "Daddy Direction", he is a puppy who hates spoons, loves turtles and Woody from Toy Story and usually sings the opening verses in all their songs. Oh, and he has changed his hairstyle so often that his head is now formerly recognized as a measurement of time.
Person: When was this photo of One Direction taken?

Directioner: How much hair does Liam Payne have?

Person: A lot.

Directioner: Is it Justin Bieber style or curly-mop style?

Person: Justin Bieber style.

Directioner: During the X Factor, late 2010.
by DaddyDirection October 27, 2012

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