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Wharf, by all means, is an all-encapsulating term for repulsive, sickening, ghastly, filthy, sordid, and revolting. The epitome of disgusting in every way, shape, and form that one being or thing could ever possibly be. To be wharf is to be unfathomably ugly or incomprehensibly disgusting. The state of wharf can manifest itself in the face of an ugly (or fugly) or extremely mutated face. Wharf} can also be used to describe a heinous existence such as the life of a serial cannibal.
"Oh dear God, look at that creature at the end of the bar. Is that a girl or a boy? Is that thing even human? I can't believe how wharf she/it is!"

"Stop staring at her/it! It's rude to stare!"

"I can't help it. She is possibly one of the most disgusting human beings alive! I would rather kiss a shitty dog's ass. I think I'm going to vomit."
by Daddy John April 06, 2007
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