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Used to express disgust at a perceived situation or person who has led to what is colloquially known as "banter death". The word is derived from the ancient Norse words "shi'eet" and "bounter", equivalent to modern day English "awful" and "chat" respectively.

In the 21st Century, the word's increased use has led to the creation of a number of variants. Chief among those that are accepted by the OED are:

- shanterrific (adjective)
- shanterful (adjective)

Amongst the more controversial recent variants of the word are:

- shantastic (adjective)
- shantabulous (adjective)

It is worth noting that the adoption of these latter two by a large number of youths has been the subject of much debate and their usage remains frowned upon in certain circles.
Said on seeing a friend attempting - and failing - to ride his small-engine moped over a straight stretch of road: "Shanter!"

"Look, Dave just fell of his moped, how absolutely shanterrific!"

Said on seeing a friend's repair bill after crashing and damaging a rented moped: "Well, this is pretty unbelievably shanterrific!"
by DSB1989 September 10, 2010
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