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The Bronx is really the only borough that hasn't been infected with that whole Giuliani-Bloomberg 'let's gentrify everything we get our hands on' disease. Although it does have Riverdale, Fieldston, and Throgs Neck, most of the rest of the Bronx is mad hood. It's a working-class place with fun, hood-ass muthafuckas who are down for whatever, but y'all better step correct because there is no tolerance for improper respect. If you disrespect, you WILL get your ass beat. Even white boys (esp. Albanians in Belmont) will set it hard.
I'm from Edenwald in the Bronx, which is the middle of nowhere. When I'm home, I smoke out in the street with impunity even though there a precint right down the street. If I did that shit anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan, I'd be sitting in county lockup for 36 hours until I got a hearing. A s long as you ain't hurting no one, no one's gonna give you shit. And if they do give you shit, beat that nigga till he leaks blood. Cause that muthafucka deserved it.
by DPp October 27, 2005

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