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one of the greatest djs ever. He has worked with Dj shadow, Dj Numark, Hymnal and more. Cut Chemist IS NOT A BAND! he is just a dj. Whats the altitude is not a good example of his amazing turntablism. Find the song storm or the garden. If u dont like the album "The Audiance is Listening" then find some of his old work. He is crazy. look him up on you tube or somethin they have good vids
Guy with good music Taste : Damn yo Cut Chemists concert was Crazy!

Disser: Meh i think he sucks

Guy with good music Taste: O yea?

*Disser gets jumped by the crowd.......then shot by tupac
by Dj.Atmozpheer August 29, 2007
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An Urban style clothing company that makes shirts, jeans, hats adn hoodys. The symbol is the number 9 and you often see a group of "nines" in a pattern or combonation. GGG has all multi-colored "nines" like a mix of Green-red or Blue-white etc. They even have jeweleed or glittered shirts were the "nine" is colored with an assortmant of blingy colors.
Damn nigga! check out that boys Gino Green Global Shirt, ITS OFF THE HOOK!
by DJ.Atmozpheer August 12, 2007
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