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Turbo folk is a balkan style, first originated in serbia and meant to be only limited to the music but then grown to a whole movement in the social life of the balkans. The main traits of turbo folk are the following:
- lack of inteligence
- peasant origin (not really necessary)
- whore-type dress style (for women) and "big necklaces, cheap sport's wear, white socks and black shoes" (for men)
- mostly a background of "expensive" cars
- silicone....LOTS of silicone

In fact, the last years the turbo folk replaced the porno industry in the balkans. The women who would like to become a turbo folk singer/dancer should go through several tests of their sexual capacities. Just after being sleeping with 2 producers, 1 CEO, 2 high level criminals, 7 low level criminals, 4 shopassistants (generally in butcher's shop) and 12 neigbours they are titled "APPRENTICE"

In general to become a TURBO FOLK SINGER there is also an "lack of intelligence test" with those 3 questions:
1. 2+2=?
2. What is the first name of Bill Clinton
3. Name one river starting with "D" and finishing with "unav"

If you have more than one correct answer you are expelled for good from the TURBO FOLK society.

P.S. thank you Johny French and the Bulgarian community fighting chalga
Classic examples of turbo folk lyrics include:
-2-3 kapi krvi, dokaz da si mi bio prvi (2-3 drops of blood is proof that you were my first)
- kuca poso poso kuca sta da znam, nista ne znam (house work, work, house, what do i know, i don't know anything)
- trosi me ko bateriju (use me like a battery)
by DJ Br@da August 28, 2010
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in balkan literally "asshole" but also referring to any one person defined as "seljak" here on UD. Also can be used to name anyone who is mean, demeans you or pisses you off.
that guy who just flicked me off is such a supak, mamu mu jebem.
by DJ Br@da August 29, 2010
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