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Codiene Cough Syrup / Promethazine
Usually sold by the pint. A normal cup down here in the H is 2oz of Drank + 1 18 oz bottle of Sprite w/ 4 jolly ranchers. A cup can also consist of 4oz and even 6oz of drank + a liter of Sprite...The cough syrup (which is normally prescribed for 2 tablespoons every 8 hours) it's so thick that it just makes you lean cause' you so fucked up you can't even stand up...Tha shit is tha bomb ya'll.
Po'in up
Po' it up
We don't call it "Sizzurup" in H-Town cause it's whack...
Ask your doctor for it. Tell' 'em you have a cough and it keeps you up at night. You might have to lie and say you smoke cigarettes, cigars, whatnot, but he'll fork it over...
Trippin' cause I'm throwed leanin' off this muddy cup that Whoady Po'd....

I got that Drank....just poppped the seal on a pint....let's po' it up, bro...
by DC Sniper August 03, 2007
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