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Newton, or Newt for short, is a name commonly associated with a baby who is too white to be given a black name, but too black to be given a white name.

For the most part, a Newt will have a very strange sense of style and for some reason be obsessed with something ridiculus like plaid shorts.
Be sure to be careful if you ever come across one at a beer pong table, because he has no idea that his elbow is going over the table when he shoots. Genetic research has come to blame this "Elbow Unawarness Disorder" as E.U.D, and has been seen in more and more cities over the last few years.
"Dude, learn how to fucking play the game, your acting like a Newt!"

"If you were any whiter I would have to start calling you Newt."
by D19D87 April 16, 2010

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