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1) A sophisticated, sexy woman who knows want she wants
2) Someone you had better not propose to without knowing the answer- SON
3) Immediately ask on a date if you find yourself an annemarie, she is totally a keeper
4) A girl you meet who has mad things in common with you and you go, oh shit, am I ready for what's going down here?
5) Alternatively, can be used as slang for multiple sexual positions, as described in the Kama Sutra
-So how was your weekend?

<<<Great, I met a girl named annemarie and she agreed to go on a date: she is smart and cute as hella.

-Cool, just be careful, I hear annemaries flip like a switch.

<<<I just got to find out how far the rabbit hole goes man.
by D.Meaning.Salot December 30, 2013

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