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A noun and an adjective. There can be many Hack Sauces at one time, but in the action of being, or being described as, a Hack Sauce is indisputably the best thing in the universe. It has not been discovered yet how there can be more than one Hack Sauce at once to be in concurrence with the definition of the word, but it is so. Sometimes used in place of: 1337 Sauce, leet Sauce, and tubular. Do not confuse with: lame Sauce, newb Sauce, or rockin. The word Hack Sauce cannot be used at all times, but can be used by anyone. Certain circumstances must be in place for the correct usage of the word. Consequences are said to be dire if the word is used in the incorrect context but are unknown at this point.
Person 1: Hey isn't that the first born of Dean Van Pelt?
Person 2: Yeah it is.. I hear hes complete Hack Sauce..
Person 1: Any relation to Scott Van Pelt from ESPN?
Person 2: Hell no, hes not Hack Sauce
by CyborgMorg November 27, 2008

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