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The most racist, bigoted, unfunny piece of shit excuse for a website I've ever had the unfortune to come across. Hell, even Uncyclopedia and Something Awful are funnier than this garbage... They claim that they do it for 'teh lulz'(it seems that misspelling words is now 'cool', NOT!) and is only joking. Yea, uh-huh, like desecrating dead Jews of the Holocaust and hating on homosexuals is funny(not to mention their witch-hunts on other ethnic groups)... Again, NOT! That's all they can do, insult and insult in a stupid, unfunny manner. Well, aside from whacking off to pictures and videos of themselves fucking their pets, that is...

Now, I'm a strong supporter/defender of the First Amendment but this is just fucking rediculous. Because on top of crudely insulting everyone/everything, they also harass and defile actual internet members on their site(ex; writing hateful/untrue articles about people and posting their email up on the article where just any psychopath could just contact them) and even on sites beyond their own. Again, doing for 'teh lulz'. *rolls eyes* Give me a fuckin' break. But, I guess like assholes, people have their own opinions... Whatever, peace out.
Encyclopedia Dramatica: No example needed here...
by Cyber Dante November 01, 2007

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