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When faced with a barrage of word plays based around their name, the receiver of a phone call may get thrown off by one that has a slightly rude or offensive word within it.

This leads to a rhythm of questions and nonchalant denials, broken by a sudden interest in the conversation, usually requiring the receiver to cut them self off mid sentence to question the caller.
A glass of milk?
No, no
A well weighed gram?
No, never heard of that one
A patchwork quilt?
Is all greek to me
A farting spadge?
N......What was dat?
by Cwips II October 05, 2010
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The Porpoise Art Business Unit, a famous graphics department within one of Australia's largest architecture firms.

Highly bored and under challenged architecture staff created the unit to relieve their boredom and apply their creativity.

It usually consisted of very crude digital head morphing into a ridiculous variety of situations. Once frame animation software became available, the unit went into overdrive, producing classics such as the critically acclaimed "Gona 'a Fishin'" and "Selecta" series.

The cracraplucla demonstration produced by the PABU was an instant success, sending sales of the machinery sky rocketing, almost every Chinatown in the western world is now equipped with one.
Are you going to do some PABU today?

Yeah of course, I just found a new image of 'im on the net. I'm waiting for shitsack to load Photoshop on my machine.
by Cwips II October 07, 2010
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