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A hairstyle used by a Bro to indicate how incredibley awesome and truly bro-ish they are! Kind of like a fo hawk but obviously, much cooler! A bro hawk is typically dyed at least two colors, if not more. . . You faggots better hope to Tom (the creator of myspace) that you can pull one off. I hear they get lots of ladies. . .
BROdy: "dude! I'm gonna get so much pussy with my new haircut!"
Chadsters: "I know, broski! If they don't put out tonight... EFFIN SKANKS!"
BROdy: "Do you like the way my personal stylist dyed the tips of my black hair, blonde?"
Chadsters: "yeah, bro! It hella brings out your eye color! Hey! Wanna go to a sweet drinking party!?!"
BROdy: "I'm not sure, bra, is there gonna be hoes there?"
Chadsters: "Yeah man, and we'll listen to A Day To Remember on the way!"
BROdy: "are you driving, bro?"
Chadsters: "Totally! But I have to stop at my stylists to get your same haircut first!"
BROdy: "I'm totally game man! That'd be chill!"
Chadsters: "alright! To the Nissan Frontier, with a three inch lift, it is!"
BROdy: "hella!"

by Cumm July 26, 2009
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