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1. To make the wrong call at a critical juncture in a sporting event. Reminiscent of Gerard Kemkers misevaluation of the correct lane for Sven Kramer to skate in, in the 2010 Olympics 10,000 m speed skating final.
2. The greatest blot on the orange spandex of Dutch speed skating.
3. A great way to lose 500,000 dollars worth of endorsement incentives if you are Sven Kramer.
4. The only participant in Holland's Sports Witness Protection Program
Nascar Example: My pit boss told me I was good on fuel only to see that I ran out with 500 feet to the line and got passed up. Kemkered I was I tell ya. Totally and utterly Kemkered.
by CubanoFulano March 01, 2010
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