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A man who plays by nobodies rules, has nothing to lose, but always get results.

While his superiors are often infuriated by his general disregard for the established authoritative system in his given career, his success rate ultimately appeases their anger. Despite rattling the cages of the hierarchy Malloy will often be awarded a medal upon completion of whatever mission he has undertaken in his own unorthodox fashion.

Depending on the situation Malloy may appear to be an alcoholic/estranged husband or parent/general down and out. However he is in these situations due to his persistence and commitment to his job.
Example 1

Police Commissioner : 'You need to start playing by the rules Malloy!'

Malloy : 'I play by nobodies rules. I have nothing to lose, and you need to me to solve the case'

Example 2

Fire Chief : 'I can't believe Malloy broke all of those fire fighting rules'

Fireman : 'I know, he comes into work drunk too'

Secretary : 'Yeah but he saved 30 orphans by breaking the rules and his blatant alcoholism is related to commitment to his work.' *swoon*

Fire Chief : 'That's why I'm putting him forward for the medal of SUPER FIREFIGHTING'

Example 3

Man : 'Did you see that guy punch that rapist to death and save that lady?'

Woman : 'I know, what a fucking Malloy.'
by Cpt. Malloy August 30, 2011
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