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This word is for nigga's who can predict the future and the shit comes true. They are mad prophetic if they are right especially if the theory was bogus and some made up ass shit.
Ex. Yo niggas, Wu-Tang is gonna have inner strife in late 2007.

Outcome: The shit was true...that nigga was mad prophetic...MAD PROPHETIC!
by Cowboy Jones January 01, 2008

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This only works for people who have apartments. It is when you bring a ho/trick/bitch/woman of the night to your place but she is not hot enough to make it upstairs. So you piece the shit out of her in the lobby...thereby making her "lobby piece". Lobby piece can also occur if you think the girl you brought home may steal yo shit. If you let her upstairs yo' watch may be gone.
Guy: Hey baby I want you right now
Girl: You don't want to go upstairs
Guy: Naw baby...I want you so bad right now...this nigga can't wait. (this is the lie)
Girl: Okay

When piece has started in the lobby...the trick becomes lobby piece, a title that should last on the girl for at least 2-5 years.
by Cowboy Jones January 13, 2008

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