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The use of digital technology to induce altered states of consciousness.

Glitching most commonly refers to sound experiments, but can be used to describe other digital sensory alterations, as well as future experiments using technology not yet available.

The term originated in Boston by psychonauts experimenting with altered listening. The name comes from VST plugin Glitch, with which the original experiments were performed.

Basically, it involves running a microphone through an effects processor and listening to it through headphones. The result of experiencing the world like this leads to an altered state of awareness.

Visual glitching can be done with a camera and video goggles. Glitching can be interfaced with EEG brainwave technology (such as the Emotiv Epoc) to create a feedback experience. Future glitching will make use of technology as it becomes available (such as Augmented Reality). Glitching can also be networked between many glitchers, even over the internet, to induce Massively Multiplayer Online Psychedelic Experiences (MMOPE).

Glitching is sometimes seen as an alternative to Mind-altering drugs, but can be used in synergy.
Have you glitched?

Microphone + headphones + laptop + backpack + Ableton Live + VST effects = Glitching.

"Hey, they're opening a Glitching Club where people can have altered sensory experiences in a social setting. BYOG"
by Cortexelus June 15, 2009
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