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Root: Emo - Short for Emotional (Emotional Rock, Emotional Punk, Emotion Core)
Kid - not quite a child, not yet an adult

A member of a once-sub-culture born after the death of punk and the rise of power-pop - which has become the latest pop culture. Its identity and entity exist in the ideas that no one understands the emo kid quite like "this" music singer does. Buys effeminate clothing at Hot Topic, sometimes salvation army lends a hand, or takes hand-me-downs.

Proof of these "emo kids" being the current pop culture exist in the numbers. Hot Topic sells more merchandise per square foot than Walmart (The retail store for 90% of the other American cultures combined).

Despite numbers and despite proof, these subjects consider themselves unique, misunderstood, and unidentifiable.

Emo kids rely on their parents to feed, clothe, and shelter them in most cases, yet resent any advice or love broadcast from them (which, sadly, such love is usually the cure for this ailment). Although currently large in numbers and have a stable habitat on myspace.com, the emo kids will become a quickly dying breed, simply because brooding, listening to music, depression, and angst do not make for self-sustainence nor proper job skills.
The emo kid at the mall is waiting for his mom to pick him up. He just stopped by Hot Topic to return his studded gloves and chick pants. He will blog about this on myspace when he gets home.
by CorporateX April 26, 2006

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