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This is the most popular attempt at an insult, amongst jealous women, towards a pretty female. Barbie is a doll that was modeled over the perfect woman. Beautiful, smart and successful. Yes, Barbie is a DOLL, we all know that. Barbie REPRESENTS the perfect woman. Barbie is so beautiful, she is almost perfect. Fat, short, insecure, masculine women often call beautiful women "Barbie" because they can't find one bad thing to say about said girl. So, they make a sad attempt at insulting the girl's beauty. If someone looks like a Barbie doll, it means they look virtually perfect. The ONLY reason a female EVER calls another female Barbie, is out of jealousy. Period.
"That girl is so pretty, she can't be real. I can't think of anything bad to say about her. She's almost perfect. Dammit! I can't find anything wrong with her! She looks like a Barbie doll."

"Look at her, with those white teeth, that long, thick hair, that perfect skin, those high heels, all that perfect makeup, and those expensive, fashionable clothes. She looks like a Barbie."
by Corneliusj September 17, 2006
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